My First Grass-Fed T-Bone Steak

This T-bone steak I ordered from Slanker’s has been sitting in my freezer for a while.  I bought it as part of a bulk shipment 3 months ago.  By weight, most of the shipment was beef marrow bones and knuckles.  These I consumed rather quickly, within a month, since I make my bone broth soup every week (to make a week’s worth of bone broth, I go through 3 lbs. of marrow bones).   I also went through other cuts quickly, since they were smaller, boneless steaks.  The T-bone I left to savor for later.

Slanker’s recommends no more than “medium rare” for the bone-in “Supersteak.”  Supposedly, the bone conducts heat, so it shouldn’t take as long as the boneless.  Well, I prefer my steak “well done”.  So I set my electric oven to 275F on one side for 15 minutes, then flipped over and broiled for another 15-20 minutes at 250F, having sprayed herbs and spices.   This is the doneness I prefer, although I’m beginning to like “medium rare” for the boneless portions.  For exmaple, these Australian free-range cuts I buy from ShopRite, I cook to medium rare without exception.

Here it is, “well done” with garlic powder, ginger and Rosemary.  I know, looks charred but this is my first T-bone.  “Medium rare” shall become an acquired taste soon enough.

Pretty good.  At $14 bux per pound, the T-bone seems much too expensive.  It’s probably more expensive than the ribeye or porterhouse (or even tenderloin filets), since the bone is included.  15 minutes later.

And then pure, decadent bliss:  coffee with unsweetened cocoa and coconut milk.  Some cinnamon and Truvia (erythritol) added.  Honestly, can’t tell which I like more:  the coffee or the T-bone.